moses at fifteen months


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the other day i pulled out my big camera to take some close-up pictures of little mo’s face. i just want to remember his every adorable feature at this specific stage. like i’ve mentioned earlier, i keep thinking he has reached an apex of cuteness, or is at the age that takes the cake as being the very most fun … but he just keeps getting cuter, and being his mom just keeps getting more fun! i feel so incredibly lucky to spend my days caring for and learning from this sweet, sweet child. motherhood sure has its challenges, but gosh i love it more than i could have ever expected.

today i just wanted to share these photos along with a few tidbits about our moses thames at fifteen months old. it’s my way of freezing time … which is necessary because moses is becoming more little boy and less baby with each passing day! so here’s some special things to remember little mo’s teetering-on-toddlerhood stage:

-baby boy is super affectionate. he is constantly giving hugs and kisses and (especially in the past week or so) usually down for a little cuddle time – when he’ll just lay his head on my shoulder and let me pat his back and just snuggle him. sometimes he gets pretty agressive in his affection – grabs my face and pulls me in for a slobbery kiss and then hugs me just as tight as he can. i think he learned that one from his mama, who is sometimes so overflowing with adoration for her little son!

-moses is extraordinarly good at following instructions. whenever i say, “listen to mama,” he stops what he is doing (unless he’s really into what he’s doing :) ) and looks at me right in the eyes. i give him some directions (for example, “can you please go pick up that wrapper and bring it to the trash and put it in the trash?” or “will you go in the hallway and get mama’s shoes and bring them to her, please?”) and i can totally see the wheels turning in his head as i talk. it’s obvious when he has, in a split second, figured out what he needs to do – and then he sets off and does it. he is always so pleased with himself when he gets claps and a “good boy!” for doing what he is asked.

IMG_5256-he continues to be a very friendly baby and loves to catch the attention of strangers and then smile and wave at them. when they wave back, he looks at me with such a happy and satisfied look on his face as if to say, “look, mama! i made a friend!” he particularly loves to see babies and kids – anyone closer in size to him than an adult – when we are out and about in the city. and he really, really loves seeing dogs on the streets and in the parks of london.

-little mo loves buttons and is always looking around for a button to press. he also really enjoys opening and closing doors, cupbords and drawers. poor kid has a massive blood blister under one of his thumbs and a little cut under his other thumb … he’s still learning about not smashing his fingers in said doors, cupbords and drawers!

-he has added the word “baby” to his three-word vocabulary. “mama,” “dada,” and “baby,” it is. we’re working on more animal sounds!

-moses can point to almost all of his body parts when he is asked where they are. i honestly did not teach him this – one day i just started asking and he started pointing at the right spots!

-he loves walking and is getting faster (and is having less falls) every day. he does not love being strapped into anything (buggy, car seat, high chair, carrier) for too long. he just wants to get out and explore! he’s happiest when we are having an adventure – in the neighborhood park or in a different country. he wants to climb every set of stairs he ever sees.

-mo is super ticklish and super enjoys being chased. his giggle is heartiest when we are having our nightly dance party and i chase him down and tickle him while he’s grooving with dad.

-our moses is the most expressive child i’ve ever encountered. he’s been like this since his newborn days – he has always worn his heart on his sleeve, to the max. he makes all kinds of silly and sweet and hilarious experessions when he is excited, happy, sad (lots of drama there) or surprised. i love it. he’s kind of … dripping with passion :)

oh my goodness, i love this baby, almost-toddler. as we hope to grow our family before too long, i am cherishing my days with just him. we are best buddies and he brings me so, so much joy.

thanks for coming to our family, little moses!

a mountain lake and mountain drives

IMG_5003 IMG_5106

our second (and last) day in the dolomites was spent mostly in two places: the most goooorgeous mountain lake (lago di braies / pragser wilsee) and our rental car. (a baby who naps for several hours in the afternoon …and sleeps well in a carseat… + a husband who adores a good roadtrip = lots of time in the car!) we were again blown away by the beauty and charm of this spectacular spot of earth, especially because autumn colours were around every corner, even all the way on the tops of the mountains - where pine trees had turned golden. we loved our time in the dolomites so much that we actually decided (then and there) to return next year for our anniversary trip!

^^ the view we woke up to from our hotel room balcony. ian was so thoughtful in the two places he booked for us to spend the night. this one had a separate room for moses, and this spectacular vista outside the window! ^^
IMG_5005 IMG_5045
we were pretty stunned by this jewel of a lake. we walked the trail around the entire circumference and loved every second of autumn mountain glory.
IMG_5026 IMG_5028
IMG_5089 IMG_5050
IMG_5040 IMG_5056
^^ how about that reflection?! ^^
IMG_5093 IMG_5128
^^ can you spot the path carved into the mountainside? and a couple taking a selfie in a boat? :) ^^
^^ i couldn’t get over this gold and teal colour combo. ^^
^^ the lighting in this picture is pretty terrible, but i still love it. i adore my boys. ^^
IMG_5137 IMG_5138
^^ most of the pictures above were taken from inside the window of a moving vehicle, but every once in a while we just had to stop the car to snap some photographs. ^^
we drove back past the val de funes – on the high road above the churches – and caught it at golden hour again. we popped out of the car to take some pictures of just us (while moses chilled in his carseat and we positioned the camera on self-timer on the top of the car!). three years of charian down – an eternity to go!
i love this boy more than ever and sometimes can hardly believe the beautiful life we share. he really makes my dreams come true, that ian wright.

the stunning dolomites

^^ i actually can’t believe this is real, or that i took this picture!! ^^

i think i found my new favourite place in europe. have i said that a lot of times before?! ;)

several months ago, i happened upon some pictures (on my instagram explore page) from the dolomites – the italian alps. i had never heard of this area before and i was blown away by its beauty in photographs. like i mentioned in my last post, i excitedly showed a couple of these snapshots to ian and said, “i want to go there!” he immediately started devising a secret anniversary trip and soon booked plane tickets to verona and a car to drive around the dolomites. he told me about his plan about a month ago, and i was so pumped to go experience this place, which just looked so magical!!

and it was even more magical – and stunning and gorgeous and lovely – than i imagined! our trip was really quick (we left friday night and returned sunday night) but it was jam-packed with mind-blowing beauty. for me, being in the mountains = being home – so this weekend just felt so good for my soul.

but i have to back up and say – just for documentation and full-picture sake – that getting to the dolomites was, for us this past weekend, a complete nightmare. the worst flight delay experience of my life. here’s how it played out:
we rushed to the airport after ian left work early, only to discover that our flight was an hour and a half delayed. an hour and a half turned into two and a half hours. with a one-year-old that is reeeady for bed, that’s kind of an eternity! :) but finally our time to board the flight came, and as we were in line to get onto the plane, an airline representative walked down the queue and told us, nonchalantly, “by the way, this aircraft is not going to verona.”
we were like, “say, what?!”
“verona airport will be closed by the time the plane arrives, so you are going to venice. coaches will take you from venice to verona,” he said. we quickly got on our phones to call the rental car company and the small b&b where we were staying that night, to try to figure out how to get the car/get in our room at 2am (the flight was now set to land – in an entirely different city than the one we wanted to go to – at midnight, and the bus ride was estimated to be about an hour and a half). we flew, got through immigration and customs, picked up moses’s car seat (which we had to check), found the group of passengers going on the coaches, and waited for what seemed like hours until they finally headed off to verona. the bus ride ended up being more than two hours long, and i sat smooshed in the very back row with moses sleeping on my shoulder (and waking every twenty minutes or so to cry … poor baby). we had to wait in a long line at verona airport to get a taxi, and got to our b&b at about 3:15am. the owner was so nice to wake up and let us in and ooooh man we were ready to drop right into bed!
woof. it was kind of awful. but! no complaints! because after sleeping in and picking up our car and getting on the road, the dolomites blew us away. and are so lucky to take an anniversary trip like this one!

on saturday we rode a chairlift up into the mountain meadows above the town of compatsch, and then drove to the two spots that intensely piqued my interest in the dolomites: the santa maddalena church and the church of st. johann in ranui – both in the val de funes. everything was just stunning. we had amazing weather and the golden hour driving to and spending time around the churches was, well, totally golden. the alpine air was crisp and delicious, the autumn colours were blazing, and the cowbells ringing in the distance made it all just so enchanting.

totally and completely worth the fiasco we experienced to get there!

IMG_4723 IMG_4862
IMG_4962IMG_4965IMG_4972 IMG_4983IMG_4985

dolomites, you won my heart! and were a perfect place for us to celebrate our deep love and our rich three years of marriage.